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Making a Leather Backpack - Stock and Barrel Leather craft


 Making a Leather Backpack

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Part 1 and Part 2 of making a No.82 vegetable tanned leather saddlebag backpack. This is a pretty simple design and would be a good one for you to DIY if you're up for it:)

Natural tooling leather:
Line 20 snaps (nickel):
CS Osbourne no.70 round knife:
Japanese style knife:
Conway buckles:

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Robert Corrar :

I joined your family a few months ago and purchased the business package . i am new to the whole online aspect of life. i started working with leather back in the late 80s and enjoyed all that was possible in leather.
Some how i let all my talent in leather be stored away for it becoming a business was just not feasible
Resent circumstances (health issues) shifted my life. I’ve decided to start production in this field once again. i am known in the industry as Bobby Botz.
The business is Brooklyn’s Custom Leathers.
I am excited and nervous with this new endeavor in life and await all it has to offer.
sincerely Bobby Botz,

Aug 27, 2021

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