$ 320.00

ATTENTION Holiday shoppers: We're currently about 6 weeks out on our holsters and gun belt rigs. So we can not offer delivery before the holidays. Unlike our other products, these are "made-to-order" and we don't have a stock built up Thank you for your patience and support.

We have here a single loop leather cowboy holster for 1873 Colt SAA guns and clones paired with an "Eastwood" style gun belt with cartridge loops.

- Made here in own workshop in Ogden, Utah
- Made with 9/10oz 'chestnut' vegetable tanned holster strap leather
- Alum tanned lace hammer thong and leg tie
- 3" wide belt
- Gun fighter stitching
- Hand stamped borders
- Fits most 1873 Colt SAA (single action army) clones with 4 3/4" - 5 1/2" barrel length
- Also fits similar gun models like the .22 cal Heritage Rough Rider 4.75" - 6.5" 

For belt sizing, order your average waist size, then we add the appropriate length to compensate for the thickness of the leather, also because these gun belts are typically worn over the trousers on the hips as opposed to the waist. So again, just order your average waist size, we'll take care of the rest. 

Holsters like this in the late 19th century weren't bone molded like more modern leather holsters. It's designed to have a more open, loose fit for a quick draw. Because of that, most guns with a similar frame to the 1873 SAA should slip into this holster just fine. 

We'll continue to add popular gun fits and add more styles as we go. 

*The rig in the video below was made before some of the final production decisions were made, so it's slightly different than the one you'll receive. Refer to the images for a more accurate representation.