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Making an Eastwood Leather Cowboy Fast Draw Holster and Belt || DIY video

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Another Leather cowboy fast draw holster on deck! I love doing these and will probably be making many more in the future. These are a Parker special and he loves doing them and learns something new every time!

You can pick up the tools/supplies and leather that I used in this DIY leather gun holster project down below. 


Big thanks to District Leather Supply for supporting our channel! Shop DLS here - http://bit.ly/2X2bFEM Black Skirting Leather: http://bit.ly/2RyHcIw S.B Foot Leather: http://bit.ly/2X6Y3YV Tokonole burnishing agent: http://bit.ly/2J4tr0p Canvas burnishing cloth: http://shrsl.com/1n06g Japanese center bar buckle: http://bit.ly/2J10aDS ——————————————————————————————

Visit Techsew to find the perfect sewing machine for you. Let them know I sent you or use “STKBRL” at checkout and they’ll throw in a free accessory package with your machine.

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Shop at Tandy Leather here: http://tandyleather.ltroute.com/stock... Thank you for shopping with the affiliate link above and supporting us! You can click the link, then copy/paste the Item # in the search bar to find each item. Holster & Gun Belt Pattern Pack: Item #6031-00 Scratch Awl - Item #3217-00 Precision Craft Knife - Item #3031-00 Strap Cutter - Item #3080-00 Adjustable Groover - Item #8074-00 Pro Classic Edgers - Item #83001-02 Wood Slicker - Item #8121-00 Poly Roller Tool - Item #8080-00 Pro Poly Maul - Item #35062-02 Craftool Oblong Hole Punch - Item #3121-06 Point Strap End Punch - Item #3172-06 Round End Punch - Item #3171-06 Pro Hand Press - Item #3960-00 Burnishing Machine - Item #3972-00 Pro Tipping Machine - Item #3973-00 Premium Applicator Sponges - Item #3451-00 Beeswax block - Item #2014-00 2 .lb Mini Anvil - Item #3101-00 Cutting Board - Item #3464-00 Barge Cement - Item #2510-04 Glue pot - Item #42515-000 -----------------------------------------------------------------

Buy our digital patterns used in this how to make a leather gun holster tutorial here: https://www.stockandbarrelco.com/coll...

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  • Have you done knife sheaths, Have several knives I would like to have sheaths for. Thanks for any info.

    George F Kielman on
  • I really like your work. The gun belts and holsters you make are the talk of my community

    Jeremy Davis on
  • I have a gun belt and holster rig suggestion for you. It’s from the movie Lone Wolf McQuade staring Chuck Norris .

    Jeremy Davis on
  • Me too right hand same gun in your video. Medium brown stain 45long colt 5” barrel peacemaker 36” waist. $$$ hope i can Afford your beautiful work

    MArty Grennier on
  • Hello, I’m very impressed with this holster and belt!! I would like to purchase one and would like to know if it is possible and how much it would cost for this rig. Thank you Mike

    Michael Rosdahl on

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