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Leather craft is so exciting because you can really make just about anything you want. In our journey we have quickly realized that high quality leather bags are easily our favorite thing to make. There is something about the smell each time you open up the bag that just speaks to us. We have a huge amount of pride in our leather bags handmade in the USA! Countless hours of trial and error have gone into our bag designs. Sometimes a bag that looks really cool ends up being super heavy and terrible to actually carry around on a day to day basis. Our goal in our handmade leather bag designs is to take a timeless design and mesh it into a bag that is still light enough and truly functional that you will want to take it everywhere you go.  Whether it's the boardroom, court, or campus, we want you to #Carrywell. Our bags are backed by our lifetime limited warranty so you can rest assured the bag will outlast you. Please read our descriptions well to get an idea on bag dimensions and what sized laptop and or tablet will fit best.If you have any questions about our USA made leather bags at all hit us up at [email protected]