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Making a Western Leather Laptop Bag

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*GIVEAWAY* I want to give this 'natural veg tan' leather laptop bag to one of you. So if you have instagram, head over there and share the "reel" video of this bag, and after 48 hours (around this time on Thanksgiving day) I'll randomly pick one of you to send it out to.

Here's a little unintentional ASMR for ya. I've been anxious to pull out an old pattern, the No.60 satchel and make a few bags with it. I used a pretty heavy weight 9/10oz leather for the whole bag. If I were to do it again, I'd probably use 6/7oz for the gusset because I basically had to beat it into submission. Luckily I got it to work and the bag looks great! I think one of you will really enjoy breaking this bag in.

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