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We were on TV on the Start-up TV show on PBS  || (12/06/19)
We were on PBS on the Startup Show. Our episode aired on 12/6/19, and as scary as it is to see yourself on TV and the embarrassing things that might come out of your mouth or the crazy/weird things you might do the Start-up TV Show team did an amazing job at showcasing our business, our team and our family. Thank you Start-Up show! If you want to watch the episode you can now watch our episode on I have linked it below
Comment below what you thought about it!
xx- Whit
Here was a shot from that day with the Start-up Crew




May 05, 2022


Apr 21, 2022

Brian E Glise:

Happy New Year!!! Brian G. again, I am looking at using an old sewing machine (can’t afford the real deal). I got on and OMG, the selection and prices were unbelievable (not a bad thing!). Help a brother out and let me know what you would use on basic wallets, bags etc and where you get it from. Thank you, your knowledge and experience are priceless!!

Jan 01, 2021

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