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Today we are making a simple women's leather tote bag with a leather liner. Park had said on a previous video we are used to making bags using saddle and tack leather like skirting, harness, bridle, and tooling. But we've been wanting to try out something new and expand our skills in different areas. The tote bag pattern was extremely simple and I have put the dimensions below if you want to try this tote bag out as well with a nice little liner. Be Kind to me as this was the first bag I have stitched and designed all by myself. I have been doing leatherwork for about 4-5 years but this machine stitching is new to me (especially with Park not being in the shop with me) and Park is the better designer out of the two of us but we make a good deal.

I made my template with a white poster board with the dimensions listed below -

Dimensions of the bag template
*Main Body - 26 x 16
*Side Panels - 26 x 4
*Bottom Panels - 16 x 4
Strap Length - 30" Long by 3/4" Wide
Strap/Bag Overlap - 3'

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